High Quality
Sun Mountain Golf Push Carts

Sun Mountain markets high quality Sun Mountain golf push carts, bags, outerwear and golf accessories.

The Sun Mountain V2 Speed Carts are designed to make it easier for walking golfers by providing an ergonomically designed handle and large easy rolling tires. Price is about $250-300.

Features include:
1. Lightweight frame and easy fold construction make it easy to store the cart in the car trunk.
2. The cart is designed to be ergonomically correct, which makes it more comfortable on shoulders and back.

3. Adjustable handle and adjustable front wheel add to comfort.
4. All golf bag sizes can be secured with adjustable brackets.
5. The umbrella mount can hold an open umbrella. Umbrella straps secure a closed umbrella.

6. The handle brake is easy to operate.
7. The handle has holders for the score card, balls, tees and drinks.
8. The cart comes with a tire pump and a mesh sweater pouch.

The Speed Cart V1 model costs about $240.

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